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"It's not what you know that's how you communicate what you know that matters."

An exclusive confidence-boosting hypnotherapy recording and confidence blueprint.

Speak with confidence and grow your influence. Share your thought leadership and confidently express yourself free from the fear of judgement, mistakes and performance anxiety.

Say goodbye to impostor syndrome.

Enjoy expressing yourself and have the courage and the confidence so you can take the next step to accelerate your growth. 

The ability to speak confidently either in public or on camera immediately puts you in the top 20% of your field.

Warren Buffet, one of the world's richest people, states learning to speak in public is the most valuable asset anyone can learn. That's saying something!

Developing strong self-confidence allows you to express yourself, to go for your goals, and allow your light to shine.

This boosts your self-image, creates better relationships, and improves emotional wellbeing.

The Confident Communicator Scorecard asks you 15 specific questions to reveal where your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can improve your confidence.

This data-driven approach gives you a personalised report to show you exactly where you are right now, and then provides laser-focused exercises to improve your confidence and communication skills.

You'll receive a free confidence boosting hypnotherapy recording and our Confident Communicator workbook.

This combination gives you everything you need to rapidly increase your performance.

As a further bonus, you'll also have the option of receiving our free 7-day 'Overcoming Anxiety' programme to give you even more tools to help you move forward.

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Take your confidence to the next level and understand what it takes to become a Confident Communicator

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About the Confident Communicator Scorecard

The Confident Communicator Scorecard is designed to help ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses owners understand the key phases in developing strong and resilient confidence. By completing the scorecard you will have a complete understanding of your communication skills and identify areas in your mindset that you can improve on.

Your personalised report comes with a confidence boosting hypnotherapy recording and our 26-page Confident Communicator workbook, full of exercises and tools to expand your self-image.

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Negative self-talk, low self-belief and fear of public speaking prevent you from expressing yourself and reaching your full potential. Learn how to become a Confident Communicator and speak with clarity and certainty.

A data driven approach to confidence.

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Accelerate your personal growth by identifying specific areas of improvement combined with targeted exercises to rapidly grow your confidence.

Answer 15 Questions to see how you can improve your confidence

Once your score has been calculated our system will produce a personalised confidence assessment outlining your key focus areas and how to improve.

You'll then receive your confidence boosting hypnotherapy recording and PDF workbook.

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How confidence drives progress.

And why data is crucial...

For any small business owner or ambitious professional, confidence is the key to driving progress. Whether it's having the confidence to speak on camera, put yourself forward for exciting opportunities, or simply to increase work satisfaction, confidence is the vehicle that allows you to reach your goals.

After all, it's not what you know that counts, it's how you communicate what you know that matters.

Pearson's Law states when performance is measured, performance improves. It is very difficlut to measure performance when it comes to confidence without data. The Confident Communicator Scorecard gives you real, tangible data to assess where you are and then a comprehensive arsenal of tools to improve it.

Completing this scorecard and it's accompanying resources is a guaranteed way to improve your confidence and communication.

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